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Originally from St Petersburg, Russia, Stan has lived in the Bay Area, California since 2000.  He currently works as a Software Architect.

Stan met Ulan playing SimCity.  He has not yet been to Indonesia. 

During the Landmark Advanced Course which he completed in 2019, he figured he could and should start a project to help kids in Indonesia. 

This idea transformed from helping kids to get an education, to just helping kids in general, starting with feeding the ones who needed it most.

When people ask Stan why he started this project, he usually says that Russians have three things to accomplish in life – build a house, plant a tree and father a son.  Having not done any of these yet, he found a different path to feel a purpose in iife.

See more about the project here:  https://www.landmarkforumnews.com/stan-tsvetkov-helping-a-friend-helping-the-world/

Ulan and Handy

Ulan and Handy are husband and wife, born and living in northern Jakarta, Indonesia. They have two children.

Handy was a chef working on a ship in South Africa, but leaving home for months at a time was very hard for him, so he decided to leave and start a small local culinary business, so that he could be with his family. He now works as an entrepreneur specializing in selling cooked food.

Ulan met Stan and Sue through an online game in 2017. Even though they have never met face to face, they have a relationship that feels like a family and support one another where they can.

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Sue is a senior QA analyst working for one of the world’s largest recruitment agencies. Born and raised in the UK, she lives 50 miles north of London with her three grown up children and, she claims, the cutest cocker spaniel in the world.

Having been a school governor at a local school for nearly 14 years, she believes every child matters. After meeting Stan and Ulan playing the same online game, she was inspired to join the team when she saw what a difference could be made for these children.


“I’ve gotten help from others at every stage of my life. I’m incredibly grateful to Stan and Ulan for giving me an opportunity to give back and contribute to others by being a part of FeedTheNeed.”

Viktor is a Russian immigrant currently residing in the United States. He started collaborating with Stan in March of 2020, after they both completed Landmark’s Self Expression and Leadership Program together.

His passion for social justice and background in Video and Marketing makes him a great addition to the team. On his time off, Victor is an avid hiker and backpacker.

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Namrata is an Indian immigrant residing in the United States.  She is a Landmark graduate and works in the Bay Area as a senior QA Engineer.

“I got an opportunity to give back to the community.  I am privileged to be a part of an incredible project like this.

I believe that every child matters and you need to lift them up until each child gets that he matters. It makes me happy to see the pictures and videos.”

In life, she is a foodie and likes to travel places.


Reima is an Indonesian who lives in Ireland. She was a teacher back in Jakarta, Indonesia and currently working as a Social Media Trust and Safety Support in one of the biggest IT company in Dublin.

“I believe that every person can have a positive impact on OUR world. As human beings, I believe we all have a responsibility to help people who are in need. I am very grateful to be part of this amazing team and making an impact by giving a future to children in my home town, Jakarta, Indonesia.”


Ryan is a California native, but was raised in Utah. He is a Mechanical Engineer who enjoys doing amateur web design on the side. He connected with Stan in the Landmark Self-Expression and Leadership course in 2019, and is thrilled to contribute his skills to such a worthy cause.


Donna’s mission is to make a difference for others as often as she can, in as many ways as she can, while she’s here on the planet. Recently, that has manifested in participating in a variety of capacities with several non-profits in areas of mindfulness, well-being and wildlife protection including Mission Be and SAFE Worldwide.  Recently, she has taken on the role of associate director for Art Changes Us, a program in the Mountain View area, leading youth to discover purpose through art.

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Jonathan Velazquez, or Jony for short, is a Program Specialist for FIRST 5 Kids Santa Clara County where he oversees a pilot program serving incarcerated parents and their families. Having been impacted by the system of incarceration within his own family, he works to ensure that the children, caregivers, and incarcerated parents have the support and resources needed during and post-incarceration. With this knowledge of direct service and lived experience, Jony works with multidisciplinary stakeholders to advise program and policy recommendations for the criminal justice system and systems-level poverty policy.

Beyond that, Jony has worked across Santa Clara County to build up the capacity and strengthen historically marginalized communities. Currently, he is the President of the Seven Trees Neighborhood Association and is the creator of both “Hella Good Media,” a company helping non-profits and communities tell stories of impact, and also of “Project Kooltura,” which helps mobilize communities around public art projects.

Jony serves on the City of San Jose Neighborhood’s Commission, is currently on the Executive Board of the Silicon Valley Chapter of New Leaders Council, and was a 2018 Fellow.


When I met Stan at the Team Management Leadership Program of Landmark Education, he shared with me the fundraising game he was playing for Feed the Need. I got inspired by his love, compassion and dedication for children in need in Jakarta, Indonesia. Feed the Need really gave me the opportunity to contribute to children in another corner of the world. I realized that I can extend my love for my own children to other children who are in need!  I started fundraising on FB, got my FB friends enrolled to support and donate and reached my goal in 2 weeks. When I see the smiles on the children’s faces after a healthy meal, it makes me so present to how love and contribution can make a difference in their lives!